Renouncing the right to return.

The following statement was sent to the Guardian Newspaper, and published on August 8th 2002. It was signed by 45 people, but since publication, others have wanted to add their name to it. If you would like to sign this statement, please fill in the form at the end, and your name will be added within the next few days. In order to avoid obscene and insulting posts, this is not an automatic process. Please include your email address - this will not be made public, but you may be contacted for verification.


We are Jews, born and raised outside Israel, who, under Israel¹s ‘Law of Return’, have a legal right to Israeli residence and citizenship. We wish to renounce this unsought 'right' because:

1) We regard it as morally wrong that this legal entitlement should be bestowed on us while the very people who should have most right to a genuine "return", having been forced or terrorised into fleeing, are excluded.

2) Israel's policies towards the Palestinians are barbaric - we do not wish to identify ourselves in any way with what Israel is doing.

3) We disagree with the notion that Zionist emigration to Israel is any kind of 'solution' for diaspora Jews, anti-semitism or racism - no matter to what extent Jews have been or are victims of racism, they have no right to make anyone else victims of yet further racism.

4) We wish to express our solidarity with all those who are working for a time when Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip can be lived in by people without any restrictions based on so-called racial, cultural, or ethnic origins.

We look forward to the day when all the peoples of the area are enabled to live in peace with each other on this basis of non-discrimination and mutual respect. Perhaps some of us would even wish to live there, but only if the rights of the Palestinians are respected. To those who consider Israel a "safe haven" for Jews in the face of antisemitism, we say that there can be no safety in taking on the role of occupier and oppressor. We hope that the people of Israel and their leaders will come to realise this soon.



  1. Seymour Alexander
  2. Irene Bruegel (Professor)
  3. Michael Chanan (Professor)
  4. Mike Cohen 
  5. Norma Cohen
  6. Michael Collins
  7. Angela Dale (Professor)
  8. Mark Elf
  9. Greg Dropkin
  10. Sylvia Finzi
  11. Debbie Epstein
  12. Rob Ferguson
  13. Alf Filer
  14. Deborah N. Fink
  15. Ellen Galford
  16. Ann Jungmann
  17. Paul Kelemen
  18. Mark Krantz
  19. Michael Kustow
  20. Les Levidow
  21. Sandra Lummis
  22. Stephen Marks
  23. Mike Marqusee
  24. Anita Miller
  25. Gillian Mosely
  26. Arthur Neslen
  27. Roland Rance
  28. Frances Rifkin
  29. Sheila Robin
  30. John Rose
  31. Steven Rose (Professor)
  32. Brian Rosen
  33. Michael Rosen
  34. Leon Rosselson
  35. Rina Rosselson
  36. Sabby Sagall
  37. Ian Saville
  38. Sam Semoff
  39. Robert Silman
  40. Phil Ward
  41. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi
  42. Marion Woolfson
  43. Myk Zeitlin
  44. Manfred Roxon-Ripschitz
  45. Tessa Van Gelderen
  46. Simon Behrman
  47. Emilia Kupersmitt
  48. Bernard Little
  49. Diana Neslen
  50. Elias Arbel
  51. Charles Shaar Murray
  52. Harold Rosen (Emeritus Professor)
  53. Erica Burman (Professor)
  54. Neil Rogall                                    London
  55. Sherrl Yanowitz                            London
  56. John S Yudkin                                London
  57. Naomi Wayne                                London
  58. Michael Jacobsen                           Cumbria
  59. Riva Joffe                                     London
  60. Phil Kaiserman                               Manchester
  61. Jude Bloomfield                            London
  62. Dr Gill Yudkin
  63. Lee Robinson                                 London
  64. David Shonfield
  65. Paul Sussman                                    London
  66. Michele Hanson                                London
  67. Paul Stewart                                    Sheffield
  68. Kathy Panama                                   London
  69. Jonathan Bloch
  70. Ruth Teddern
  71. Andrew Samuels                                London
  72. Linda Black                                        London
  73. Murray Glickman                                London
  74. Lynne Segal                                         London
  75. Rica Bird                                            Merseyside
  76. Betty Levene                                    Kernow
  77. Esther Saraga                                     London
  78. Robert Kornreich                                 Birmingham
  79. Devra Wiseman                                    Surrey
  80. Jenny Manson                                    London
  81. Mike Cushman                                    London
  82. Stephen Bloch                                    London
  83. Sue Teddern                                        London
  84. Sarah Glynn                                        Cambridge
  85. Bette Jones                                        London
  86. Ron Ganzfried                                    Bern
  87. Deborah Maccoby                               London
  88. Naomi Jaffe                                    Troy, NY, (US)
  89. Cy L Swartz                                Philadelphia PA (USA)
  90. Arlene Halfon                                Washington, DC, USA
  91. Adam Davis                                Hartord, CT USA
  92. Bruce Katz                                Montreal, Canada
  93. Pulvermacher                            France
  94. KHALED ELAWAD                        sw
  95. Rachel Arnaud-Dix                        France
  96. Daniel Liebmann                        Brussels
  97. Lars Wilhelmson                        Täby, Sweden
  98. Simon Chabrillat                       Brussels, Belgium
  99. Monique Nagielkopf                    antwerp (belgium)
  100. Joelle Girard Wasjbrot                Paris
  101. Jerry Flexer                               Canada
  102. david garofalo                            Washington DC
  103. Isabelle Grynberg                        Antwerp, Belgium
  104. Charles-Daniel Schreiber            Antwerp, Belgium
  105. Marco Ramius                            denver colorado
  106. Gouëlou-Caplat Jacqueline            Limoges. France
  107. Claude COHEN                            Rosny s/ Bois - france
  108. Demian Nachmia                        Athens - GREECE
  109. TOUBIANA                                    MARSEILLE
  110. Catherine Kestelyn-Loebenstein        Brussels
  111. Marcel Rodrigue                               France
  112. Lea Kossmann                                    Brussels (Belgium)
  113. Dawn Shapira (mother)                    New Zealand
  114. Estelle Jelinek                                USA
  115. Benjamin Douglas                           USA
  116. Natalia Shulkin                               USA
  117. Baikov Julia                                  Montreal Canada (refugee)
  118. Baikov Pavel                                 Montreal Canada (refugee)
  119. Alain Chabat                                 France
  120. ben Ketang                                   Jakarta, Indonesia
  121. Shaun Cohen                                 Leeds
  122. Merryl Wahogo                                                                
  123. Yehudit Keshet                             Lancaster/Jerusalem




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